Our Story

Karen Francis & Alison Wildon are two Hertfordshire based Mums who formed LifeWorks as they wanted achieve a better work/life balance not only for themselves, but for others too.


Karen & Alison want to help give you back the ‘life’ in your work/life balance by creating time for what is important to you and therefore making ‘Life Work’ for you.


Through a free initial consultation, Karen and Alison will create a plan tailored to your personal requirements, which will allow them to thoughtfully re-organise your home or office.



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Having spent many years (I'm not saying how many!) working

in marketing and event management roles within a variety of industries, I am used to delivering events and projects of all

shapes and sizes.

Now, after a brief break following the arrival of my 2nd son, I've

spent a few years organising school events and fundraising campaigns and am now looking to share some of the skills I've

learnt along the way...


After enjoying a previous life as a designer - predicting trends, creating handbags and making things of all shapes and sizes,

I have developed a keen interest in interior design, especially

up-cycling furniture & storage solutions.


Living in a typical St Albans' home with two little ones and a

(not-so-tidy!) husband, storage and organisation have become

key to maintaining my sanity and keeping life running smooth(ish)ly!!


Karen & Alison



                     With our help you can have the time to do the things you really want.

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