After our article for the herts ad I decided to re-address the space that I keep the (un-)baking goods in.

Family life means sometimes bags are hastily unpacked and groceries just shoved into any given space, over time total disarray can prevail....especially in this cupboard.

I'm not a keen cook, and I definitely don't bake (that's Karen's forte)!

It's all emptied out and inside given a good wipe over.

I decide in true decluttering spirit the recipes I have printed off (neatly filed) and never used go into the recycling bin, and the few cook books bought for me go to the charity shop!

If I do decide to have a go at baking again, well that's what the internet is for.

Even my flour was out of date!!

Oh and a box of ready mix peppa pig cup cakes!

Gone are the plastic biscuit cutters that were only ever used for play dough!! That's what nursery is for!

The jelly is in date - I can manage to add water; and the crumble mix - I can sprinkle too! This is the extent of my baking repertoire....

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